Your Biz Your Town Talks Theater, Inclusiveness and Canning

As most of you know, Your Biz Your Town is a monthly radio segment that our leading lady from 834 co-hosts with the always energetic Shelley Irwin on WGVU. The show airs the 4th Friday of the month on 88.5 FM.

Each month we bring in some pretty great guests to share their story whether it be a nonprofit, small business or an event. Always a stickler for routine, this November is no different.
Meet our guests:

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

If you haven’t heard of this great organization in our community, you must be living under a rock…or hate culture and fun. Currently the Civic is running the Sound of Music production. Lets just say that all of us at 834 are BIG fans. Our fearless leader often subjects us to stories from her childhood where she would act out the movie and sing all of the songs…seriously, this happens often. By the way, they are partnering with Celebration Cinema for a sing-a-long on December 2nd. You can bet we will be there, if for nothing else but to see a certain someone on our staff embarrass herself.

Not only is the Theatre showing perhaps one of the most popular plays of all time, it is also asking YOU to get involved. As a community theatre they are always needing volunteers – they have more than 800 a year who give more than 63,000 hours.  Their School of Theatre Arts, hosts classes for students ages 4-100, and the performances are amazing.  Their focus is on producing plays that are 1) new to the stage, 2) theatre classics and 3) family favorites.

As an art based organization and (501c3) non-profit  – YOU can help make sure the show goes on by making a tax deductible end of year gift.  Get involved.

Inclusive Performance Strategies

Being a small business ourselves, we feel compelled to support all small businesses in our community. One small way we can do that is by turning the spotlight on them once a month on Your Biz Your Town.
Meet Inclusive Performance Strategies formerly Paul T. Doyle and Associates.

Inclusive Performance Strategies provides consulting and training specifically tailored for each organization that is focused on cultural competency, change management, community engagement, leadership development and strategic planning. They specialize in the development, implementation and execution of comprehensive business plans strategically designed for progressive organizational transformation toward inclusion.

Get in contact with them here.

Canning Diva

Doesn’t everyone know the Canning Diva? Well this little lady has been BUSY. Since we last spoke with her, she has launched an online store, written an e-book and launched a whole bunch of holiday specials.

The Canning Diva specializes in canning recipes and west Michigan cooking classes that teach the art of canning. Find out more about her here.

Interested in being on Your Biz Your Town? Get in touch with one of the dynamic ladies at 834 and pitch your idea. We love a good pitch.

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