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By now, most businesses realize the importance of social media for growth and development. If this is not true for your business, you might be, actually you are behind the times and it’s time to get with them!  Many businesses do not understand how to properly execute a social media strategy. Not to fear, we’ve collected a little food for thought that will help your business along the way towards standing out on social media.

1. Explore All Platforms

Facebook and Twitter are obvious necessities when establishing a social media presence for your business. These platforms allow you to engage with your target audiences and explore new markets. LinkedIn is designed for professional networking—think of it as a giant, a never-ending networking event available at your fingertips. But what about Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine? How can your business utilize these platforms in a creative, engaging way that other businesses similar to yours have not? Always be five steps ahead of the competition… be their inspiration. Keep in mind: not every social media platform is necessary for your business.

2. Interact

Congratulations, you have created social media profiles and posted a few things. Now what? It is vital that you engage with followers. Let me say that again: ENGAGE with your followers. Yes, it is important. Thank them individually for following you via tweet or direct message; answer their questions; resolve any issues they have with your product or service; curate content that encourages conversation. People are not shy on social media… You don’t have to be either. So go on, you social butterfly!

3. Find Your Voice

I have a weird question for you: Who is your business? Your business has a culture. Said culture should translate into a personality (or voice) on social media platforms. Does your office play marshmallow dodge ball during tax season to blow off steam? Do you celebrate Hawaiian shirt Friday every week? Share with your followers in a voice that is reflective of your company’s culture, mission and values. Remember to be personable and approachable.

4. Curate Original Content

Although sharing and re-tweeting news and clever content from others is important, it cannot be the foundation of your social media presence. People follow you because they are interested in your services and business as a whole. Thank them for the follow by delivering original content daily. This can be news about your business, awards your employees have won, new services you offer or your perspective on an issue in your business industry. Blogging is a fun and interactive way to curate original content! Find your voice and be original.

5. Hashtag with Purpose

#Do #Not #Hashtag #Carelessly

A hashtag is intended to focus and streamline your conversation. Are you following a live feed of a book discussion? Use the name of the discussion (like #GRPRreads) to engage with others in the conversation. Attending a conference you want to share knowledge from? Use the official hashtag of the event to inform followers about your source of information. Most importantly, establish an official hashtag for your business and any events you partake in… Who can come up with the best tax season hashtag?

Now that you have a few tips and tricks to put up your sleeve, go on and get out there! Make yourself stand out from the rest. Remember to be original, interactive, tasteful, and most importantly, be strategic! May the SM force be with you.

Source: The Social Networking Navigator

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