Maintaining your Brand

Whether you are creating or maintaining your brand image there are certain “rules” to follow to ensure the success of your brand.

Consumers do not recognize brands overnight.  Unless your brand has been around for years, it will take time to develop.

Focus your brand and know your limits.  Do not try to please the masses.  Consider your intended target audience and go from there.  A brand loses its strength when it is not consistent.  Consistency helps you build a lasting relationship with your target market.

Stand out amongst the competition.  If there are multiple other products/services out there similar to yours, what makes your brand different? Focus on these differentiators when marketing your brand.

Public Relations:
Use PR to build your brand, and then use PR to maintain it.

Be Social:
Utilize social media to create conversations around your brand. Being found on social networks gives your audience the ability to build relationships with you.

Customer Service:
Make the consumer experience positive.  Focus on customer service, first impressions and the quality of your product or service.

Are the brands you know and love on the right path?  Tell us about it…

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