By: Renay Shoenmaker
Well it seems to be that time of year again. Summer rays have begun fading away; while Fall’s crisp winded days are blowing in, whistling the phrase: Welcome Back; school is now in session. It is at this point I wonder where the summer has gone. Did it really go by THAT fast? Can I really be…growing up? The answer is yes.

As I begin my junior year at Grand Valley, I am in awe that three years of memories, successes, failures, and embarrassments have flown by. How did I get to a point in my life where accepting responsibility is second nature? Somehow, though I cannot explain it, I finally feel ready for the daunting tasks that are about to be thrown my way. In this sense, I am proud for finally leaping into the professional pool as a first time intern with 834 Design and Marketing.

Although, I do not really know what to expect, I cannot complain so far. I already have fallen into a deep “like” for the industry, and that was only after the first day. All in all, I am excited to see where this year leads me and also 834 Design. But, ultimately I cannot wait for the point where this “like” I hold for the industry turns into a love of this career world.

To wrap up this little introduction up I would just like to say: Hello blogging world! My name is Renay Schoenmaker. First time blogger, but don’t hold that against me. I love being creative, thinking outside of the box, and I have the deepest passion for laughing and making others smile.
And I’m here to stay.

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