Building Your Personal Brand

Today I had the pleasure of speaking on personal brand at the Grand Rapids Young Professional’s Personal Growth Series. The topic – “Building Your Personal Brand”.

Few people realize that you are your brand and your actions, appearance, and conversations shape and define that brand. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you (your brand) to be transparent, visible and authentic.
There are some companies who do this well, the example I used today was Domino’s and their brutally honest commercial they  just released. Two other great examples – and Southwest Airlines. Learn from these companies and use it to shape your personal brand.

Why is it important for you to have a brand? Well, essentially you don’t have a choice, by choosing to be visible in the community you have a brand and that brand is you. A great source for greater exploration on this topic:

Another note – in the age of social media, your brand is even more visible and there are benefits, however remember that everything  you do personal and professional impacts that brand. Am I repeating myself? Yes, because this is one point you can’t afford to miss.
The benefit? Keeps you honest.

Great books to read on this topic:
Me 2.0, Dan Schawbel
The Brand Called You, Peter Montoya & Tim Vandehey

Thoroughly enjoyed my talk today( Thanks again to the group for inviting me, I am impressed with the leadership and the tools they are providing to young professionals in the community.

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