Bring on the WOW Factor

What makes a great event? Or better yet, when do you hold an event? Yearly holiday celebration? Client appreciation? Awards ceremony? Fashion show? Fundraiser?

There are a variety of reasons to host an event, but the planning can become tedious. Events need meticulous attention to detail, and a thorough grasp of the undertaking. You need to select a mood, a theme, and a purpose, and make the event a memory for years to come.

When holding an event, have a strategy, a plan, know what you want to accomplish before investing $$. Events are a great way to set your company or organization apart and garner media attention. The more unique and creative you are (WOW Factor), the more buzz you create.
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a very unique gala put on by Saint Mary’s Health Care, called “Rethink”.

The gala featured such non-traditional activities such as dancers from the Rockford School of Dance covered in glow sticks while performing, desserts based off of childhood favorites, themed cocktails, an aromatherapy lounge, red carpet (complete with photog) and no nametags through a strolling reception.  Participants were also asked to post reactions on the Saint Mary’s Doran Foundation Facebook page.

I stood up and took notice, and so did the over 600 attendees to the gala. What was the purpose? To raise awareness and money for ALS Center a collaboration of Saint Mary’s Health Care, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. ALS also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a condition in which motor neurons in the brain begin to die causing the person to become more and more disabled finally ending in death.

Great event. Great cause. And everyone noticed. WOW.

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