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A picture of Derek looking nervous

Letter to my Younger Self

Hey there young Derk, Deek, Sterkenberger, Dstek…or whatever other nicknames you had back then. You’re an inquisitive little one and that’s okay! You’re asking the

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Words on a pretty design with raindrops

Kind, Not Nice

Note from Kim: I usually go into the blogs we collaborate on and do some editing and make it one voice, but this topic is

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Blog image featuring our wish

Our Holiday Wish(es)

Tomorrow is Christmas, we figured we’d start this blog out by stating the obvious. Now that we have that out of the way, we wanted

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An illustrated figure leaning out of the window of a burning building with the text, "Beating Burnout."

End of year Burnout

2022 is like tomorrow, and we’re not going to discuss it. Hell, we’re not even acknowledging it. Nope, just a regular day, nothing to see

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punch today in the face text with a brick wall

Culture, Our Favorite C-Word

A staggering 61% of Americans experience loneliness. In the COVID-19 era, just 37% of full-time workers exhibit high levels of resilience—or the ability to recover

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