Senior Marketing Specialist

Position type: Full-Time

Location: Grand Rapids, MI – Hybrid remote

Salary Range: $45,000 – $55,000 a year

Reports to: Integrator

We hire the best of the best and the smartest of the smart (you get the idea). It’s what allows our ‘small’ agency to accomplish some pretty big shit. By the way, ‘small’ to us means we accomplish far more than marketing agencies three or four times our size, all with a fraction of the staff. Why? Because our people and our processes kick some serious ass.

You ready to join the team?

As 8THIRTYFOUR’s Senior Marketing Specialist, you’ll support the team in developing, and executing marketing strategies, creating kicka** campaigns, writing copy, and more. You’ll spend time in front of clients, so kick imposter syndrome to the curb and get ready to own any room you walk into. We believe in you.

We work smarter, not harder, allowing us to take time for our yearly retreats, Thirsty Thursdays, potlucks, and cookie contests. We really like to eat.


You gotta be able to do all the things.

  • Strategy: We have a tried and true strategy process; it’s been written about in books (it was our book). You’ll organize, lead, research, analyze, and develop client strategies, then turn around and implement the hell out of them. You also need to be able to think about everything strategically, yes, we really mean everything. This skill comes in handy when we have our team Werewolf games (google it).
  • Content Creation: Your excellent research and written skills will contribute on-brand content that supports the strategy and goals of the piece or campaign. Tasks will include proofreading, copywriting, competitive research and more.
  • Digital Marketing: You gotta know the Google. We are a digital firm, and this position loves digital advertising. Search, display, like-building – you get the idea. We build websites and you’ll manage the process from initial meeting to strategy to development and design
  • Social Media: Mark Zuckerburg has nothing on you. You love social media, and think strategically when writing, researching and drafting compelling content while executing successful social campaigns.

Skills (the boring shit)

  • Writing, writing, writing for website, ads, public relations, strategies and more
  • Strong organization and prioritization skills
  • Experience with social media marketing platforms
  • Excellent analytical, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work well in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

Requirements (the necessary shit)

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field
  • 3+ years working in marketing

When applying, tell us why we should hire you, how people would describe you in 3 words and your favorite movie. Email us at to apply!