Dear QR Codes

A QR Code sits next to the words "Dear QR Codes"

No one appreciated you when you were first invented in 1994, in fact until we hit a global pandemic barely anyone knew who you were. 

Now everyone and their mother (and grandmother) now knows how to “scan” a QR code to open a restaurant menu or view happy hour specials. 

With your 28 year history, we can’t help but ask ourselves, what’s next for these nifty little squares?

Meet the Dynamic QR Code

Chances are if you’ve been out to eat pretty much anywhere within the past three years, you’ve run into a QR code. Ditto with junk mail, billboards, etc. etc. You name it, QR’s on it.

Only problem? Say you’ve printed off 5,000 direct mailers and then decided you would rather direct your viewers to a different page. Or maybe you forgot to add a UTM to your QR code. If it’s a stagnant QR, you’re SOL. But if it’s dynamic? Oh, ho ho. Have we got news for you.

Dynamic QR codes are just that…dynamic—they let you change where they go, what they tell your analytics, and even how quickly users get there, all without reprinting those direct mailers. Sure, the standard, run-of-the-mill stagnant QR codes are probably fine if you’re working on a small scale or always pointing to the same destination. But if you’re looking to shake things up? Dynamic’s where it’s at.

All the QRs in All the Right Places

Yeah, we’re goin’ down…

Have you noticed how QRs just seem to show up…everywhere? And we mean everywhere. It’s kind of like when bacon was big and Burger King came out with that bacon sundae. Are we the only ones who are scarred by that? 

People are using QR codes without thinking about how they use them. Case and point? Billboards. Okay, yes, we know everyone has their phones on them at all times. But by putting a QR code on a billboard, your company is actively asking someone to pull out their phone, scan the code, and check out your content all while they’re driving! We know passengers exist, but let’s be real. Every car has a driver. Passengers aren’t a guarantee.

So where should these monochrome buddies show up? Places that are easy (and safe) to access. We’d love to see more dynamic QR codes on landmark plaques that lead to more info about the historical site you may be standing at. Or maybe a QR on an advertisement prompting someone to enter a raffle or to download a coupon. Have phone in hand? Will scan.

Everything’s QR in the Future

There are still a lot of people who have zero idea what to do when they see that little box. We’re not sure where you’ve been the last 3 years, but apparently it’s someplace without technology and a pandemic.  

So, for that technically inept friend, keep listing URLs next to the QR code. That way Grandma or your uncle who still uses a Nokia (somehow) can access the content you want them to without getting frustrated. Less barriers, more actions. It’s that easy.

QR codes are not going anywhere, they’ve already made it 28 years. We can’t wait to see what they do in the next decade. 

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