How to Use Digital Marketing to Recruit Talent

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Finding the right candidates for a job opening is tricky, to say the least.
Often, in working with companies on marketing strategies, we discover that talent recruitment is a major pain point for the organization due to a shortage of skilled labor coupled with competitive offerings at other businesses.
Surprisingly to us, most of the time, this pain point is not considered a “marketing problem”.
Here lies the issue (or as we like to say, opportunity): a key audience segment of your marketing strategy is potential team members. Similarly, to your buyers, your candidates are doing their research online before they ever reach out to you. Your online marketing efforts must reach them where they are, clearly convey your company culture, and entice them to become a part of the team.
But, efficiency is the name of the game. How do you market your position openings within the same marketing strategy that you’re using to increase sales and customer retention?
Here are some must-have tactics:

Your Website Careers Page

In nearly every website we manage, the Careers page is within the top 5-7 pages visited the most. Make sure this page exists, looks sharps, and communicates your company culture in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging.
You can check out our Careers page as an example. We swear, talk about dogs, give some relevant blog content, and provide clear expectations and next steps. This is all reflective of our culture, and gives users a sense of what it’s like to be a part of our team.

Social Media Content

Social media is another critical piece in connecting with candidates online. If your candidate pool includes millennials or Gen Y, we can guarantee they’re going to check out your social media profiles as a first step. Make sure your social media strategy and content calendar includes plenty of team photos, staff spotlights, notes on community involvement, and other culture-related information.
Last week, for Tell A Joke Day, we put together this video and shared it across all social platforms. No, this does not demonstrate our thought leadership or directly land us new clients. Instead, it gives our audience insight into our team and shows that we like to make time for the little things.

Social Media Advertising

This is often a cost-effective way to reach a very specific audience based on demographics, skill sets, education, and other traits. If you can identify exactly who your target candidate is, social media advertising can get you in front of them.
(Bonus Tip: You’ll want to make sure that your website careers page and social profiles are looking sharp before you make the investment here).

Google Ads

Depending on your industry and budget, this one may or may not make sense. If it does, this platform will get you in front of your audience when they’re actively searching for new career opportunities. You can’t find a more engaged audience than that!
If you’re struggling to recruit the right talent for your team and are interested in learning how the digital landscape can better support you, you can connect with our Digital Director, Kayden, at (Hint: he likes beer and tacos)

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