Fed-up with stories

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That is it, it’s decided. Innovation is dead. We are now living in a world where everyone copies everyone else and then launches it as a new, never been done before feature. Hell, they’re so lazy they don’t even bother calling it anything different.
We’re talking about Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories and now Facebook Stories. We don’t know how many stories your brand has to tell, but repurposing them for all these networks is a full-time job. No one has time for that.
Social Media Examiner says this about the newest in the stories replica, Facebook Stories. “Facebook Stories brings a new video format to Facebook that closely resembles Instagram Stories.”
Closely resembles? They are exactly the same!
Let’s compare, shall we?

  1. Filters, filters, filters. All of them have filters that can turn you into a duck, superhero, princess, frog…you name it. Seems relevant for companies.
  2. Wait, where did it go? They all disappear after a certain amount of time. Great, I didn’t want to remember that anyways.
  3. Videos or photos. Whatever you feel like sharing. A photo of yourself, covered in emojis? No problem – we got that.
  4. Swipe it. Just keep swiping to see all the super awesome photos and videos others have posted. It never gets boring!

Now, don’t get us wrong. Depending on your company’s target audience demographic, Stories could be a legit marketing tool. As with all marketing, it has to make sense for your company and the return has to be there.
As for you Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (not so much you, I mean you invented it and everyone copied), start producing features that are great tools instead of just ripping off someone else’s great idea.
Looking for an idea? How about podcasting – make it easy for companies to integrate podcasts into their pages or to launch them through Facebook. Go ahead – you can steal the idea from us.

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