Farewell Summer Associates!

Here at 834 Design & Marketing, we continuously joke about having a “small army” of associates. Where other firms or agencies may offer opportunities to one or two select individuals, we always seem to be outnumbered by our ambitious student counterparts. This summer was no exception. In fact, we had more associates than ever before — seven. We know, what a bunch of crazies taking on that many learners. And perhaps we are a little crazy. The back-to-school departures began this week and we deemed it necessary to thank them the best way we know how — with words… and ice cream and pizza.
Before we kiss them goodbye, a short introduction to the 834 Summer 2014 Associates:

  • Kimberly Bueche, Graphic Design Associate (GVSU)
  • Rachael Crevier, PR Associate (GVSU)
  • Cara Lutz, PR Associate (SMC)
  • Ashley Marcangelo, Photography and PR Associate (GVSU)
  • Theresa O’Brien, PR Associate (GVSU)
  • Madeline Root, PR Associate (GVSU)
  • Rachel Valice, PR Associate (GVSU)

As a small agency, our semester interns become a part of the 834 team just as a new employee would. They help us with everything from design and writing to research and media relations, and their contributions truly are integral in allowing us to do what we do (and do it well) on a daily basis. Thankfully for us, we always manage to find eager students willing to go above and beyond for our team — working on assignments after hours, initiating new projects and running around the city of Grand Rapids when out butts simply cannot leave our desks. They keep our fridge stocked with creamer and our shelves lined with Biggby coffee — two things we need to function — and even make us treats that we can never have just one of. In short, they’re freaking awesome and we hate to see them go.
In case the food and sweets and parting gifts didn’t relay our message…:
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 834 Summer 2014 Associates for sitting on top of each other in our old space and helping us move into our new one. Thank you for being eager to learn, even if some lessons are harder than others. Thank you for using your resources and thinking on your feet when our time was pressed. Thank you for answering emails promptly (or checking the damn thing at all). Most importantly, thank you for choosing to spend your summer with us. We wish all of you the best for the remainder of college and into your careers, and cannot wait to see your successes. But don’t be strangers, okay? We always need friends to drink wine with.
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