Heart Your Kidneys – GRAAHI

The past several months, all of us at 834 have been hard at work on the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute, Heart Your Kidney campaign.

The campaign included the following elements, all developed by 834:

  • Campaign creation, development and management
  • Website design – www.heartyourkidneys.org
  • Copyrighting
  • Blogging
  • Social media management and design
  • Public relations
  • Design – logo, fact sheets, print material
  • Workshop development/curriculum
  • Project managment
  • Survey development

Working with non-profits is a passion for 834, and the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute is a phenomenal organization in our community focused on promoting health care parity in the Grand Rapids African American community through advocacy, education and research.
We encourage you to get involved with this ground-breaking organization.

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