The Griffins & The RED Project

Time again for another edition of Your Biz, Your sounds so official when I build it up like that. In all seriousness, this segment has me very excited due to the mission of the two organizations we are chatting with.

I again feel privileged to be able to introduce or reacquaint listeners with nonprofits in our community that are making a difference right in our backyard. As always, I implore you to get involved. Find a cause and champion it, join a committee, lend a hand at events, promote via social media or just show up and meet people. By the way Shelley Irwin is super woman and awes
This Friday we chat with the Grand Rapids RED Project which is made up of community members who are passionate advocates and activists in the fight against HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and the harmful or risky choices that help spread these life-altering medical conditions. That being said, this is a very cool group to get involved with, they are not afraid to tackle the hard issues or talk about what is deemed ‘taboo’ by society. I like them, and they need volunteers and donations, so help out. Join them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and make a donation.

Upcoming event: The 2nd Annual Red Party @ Cygnus – benefits RED Project
So did you know that the Griffins have a youth foundation? If so, you are smarter than me. I was impressed to find out that the upcoming Great Skate Winterfest benefits the Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation. Established in 1995, the Foundation works with children to enhance their lives through hockey and ice-related sports. Awesome. Just take a look at the Foundation website and check the full range of programs they offer, the cover all costs.

Upcoming event: The Great Skate Winterfest, Saturday, January 21st to Sunday, January 22nd. Activities include: skating (duh), winter sport demonstrations, dog sledding, John Ball Zoo winter animals, ice sculpture demonstration by the Ice Gurus, horse drawn carriage rides and more.
Parting words…support the amazing nonprofits we have in our community. It is the right thing to do. I know, very insightful.

Interested in being on Your Biz, Your Town to chat about all that you have to offer GR, or maybe you just have a cool story…either way, email me:

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