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A woman laughs. Text over her reads, "Invest in Your Network."

Invest in Your Network

Instead of cold-messaging on LinkedIn, we recommend spending time building your network in a thoughtful and strategic way. If you’re early on in your career,

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Four people holding glasses together to cheers.

Spread the Love

It seemed like a good time to write a blog on empowering and lifting each other up. You might be working from home, but you

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A winge glass on a table with bread in the background.

(Some of the) Best GR Patios

Aaah…summer. We know Michigan summer looks different this year due to quarantine, social distancing, masks and limited togetherness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy

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A photo of an 8THIRTYFOUR branded cup against a backdrop at the 8THIRTYFOUR Basic Party in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Let’s Party

We like to ‘get down, get down,’ which is why we LOVE events. There is nothing better than creating a kickass theme and inviting all

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