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Apps…they are either lifesavers or time sucks. WordBrain anyone?
Google-Calendar (1)If used for the greater good, an app can help keep your life organized, informed and sane. If you are looking to add some order to your life, might we suggest the following apps to help you organize your tasks and mind.
Kim – Google Calendar
834 runs on Google and so do I. Google Calendar is great for anyone who wants organization and a way to keep track of personal goals. The calendar can be viewed in different ways, by the day or in a three-day view or see a map of where a meeting is. You can also use the “goals” feature for exercise, skill building, friends and family time, me time or organization your day.  Add a goal and Google will remind you about it and schedule it into your day.
Jessica – Trello
Something always brings me back to Trello, no matter how many other apps or project management apps I try. Trello is just as easy to use on the app as it is on a laptop. I love that you can move a whole card of information into a new category or column without disrupting or losing the contents. I usually organize my columns in process steps. For example, for blogs, my columns are: Ideas, Drafts, Review and Optimizations, Create Images for Social, and Ready for Publishing. I can continuously add to a card and move them along the process. It’s really helpful if you are a visual learning. Setting a due date for a card and having creating a checklist within a card keeps you on track. I use the free version for personal use. But there are lots of power tools you can get with a paid version that make certain tasks easier.
Leigh – TripIt
I have a serious case of wanderlust, always, so as soon as I book a trip I know my next step is to set up the logistics in TripIt. It’s my one-stop shop for all my travel information, available at my fingertips. I can store my travel information for air, land, and sea, create contact information for lodging, input confirmation numbers and contact information, and create daily schedules. I can even map out which hot spots and tourist traps I want to see, and in which order I want to see them. You can add starting and stopping points that link to your phone’s map to make directions easy to find. You can easily access TripIt online, but the app is perfect when I’m on the go during my vacations, and you can share the itinerary with your travel partner(s) with the click of a button. The only thing I need to do is plan my next trip…
Cat- Reminders
Reminders are seriously my life saver. Whenever life gets super busy, i’m glad the Reminders app has my back. The app is super simple. All you need to do is type in your reminder, set the time and there you go. You can also color code and categorize your reminders based on what you need to get done. Let’s say I have multiple things to do, such as: pick up the dog at the groomers, attend a work event, finish a project, or call to make an appointment. I can simply add those to my reminder list. Throughout my day, I’ll receive a notice to make sure I get those things done by today/week/month. Start using your reminders, it’ll change your life.
Grace – Dropbox

For both work and home, Dropbox.  I am constantly reviewing and uploading files wherever I am, so Dropbox is the best place to keep those files in one place and safe.  I can do it on my phone or my laptop and everything is synced.  To keep my work life balance in check, I also use the Meijer App, I can create my shopping list on the go (and even scan in items) and whomever is in charge of shopping can access the list. I love it.  
Julie – Google Calendars

I would be nothing without my calendar. My day is always go go go and I have a terrible memory when it comes to times and places and all that. Google Calendars syncs all of my meetings, appointments, work, and personal events to one place on ALL of my devices without me having to do a single thing. I also have the habit of getting sucked into whatever I’m working on and the notifications are perfect for when I can’t pull myself back out of the zone. It even tells me when I have to leave in order to make it somewhere on time – which is amazing because I always underestimate traffic and travel time. Sometimes I even block off my schedule with “work time” if I have some time sensitive projects going on. This way my coworkers know that even though I’m in the office, I’m not free for other meetings. This simplifies things and makes life easier when being a part of a busy agency team gets a little crazy. 
Emma – Google Reminders
In regards to organization, my favorite app is Google Reminders. I’m very task oriented, which is both a blessing and a curse. Every night I map out my reminders, or to-dos, for the upcoming days within the app. That way, I’m able to start every morning with a clear thought process of my to-dos from lowest to highest priority.

Google Reminders can also sync to your Google Calendar, and your phone alarm. Overall, this app keeps me on my toes, which is always a helpful tool in this chaotic world.
I’ve tried other mobile apps that are similar to Google Reminders, and I’m consistently more please with the google version. It’s clean layout, integration, and easy-to-use set up makes Google Reminders my fav.

What are your favorite apps? Share in the comment section below.

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