Our PR Lifelines (Must-Haves)

A young woman holding a coffee above her head while she rests it on the table in front of a lap top "Our PR Life Lines"

Public relations can be a teensy tiny bit crazy, which means as professionals we have to be RIDICULOUSLY organized. There are certain things, we require to do our job well while retaining our sanity.

Venti Iced Shaken Espresso

Give us all the caffeine in the damn world and it will fuel our media superpowers. We don’t have the luxury of a midday slowdown, so we turn to our Starbucks Venti Iced Shaken Espresso with Oatmilk (basic bitches we are) to give us the kick in the pants we need to finish that pitch, press release or media list.

Once you start it, you’ll never stop.


Once you graduate you never want to use a backpack again, you look at all these beautiful designer bags and you spend the first few years of your career lugging them around until you have bum shoulder. Skip the misery, get a backpack. You can still be cool and save your body. We love, the men’s Michael Kors Cooper Backpack – because they don’t make women’s sh*t durable or with enough pockets. This will hold all your segment talking points, media kits, water bottle, media backgrounders…you name it. 


We have something to say to Google so listen up: Google, honey, baby, sweetheart, we love you. When you work in PR everyday’s an uphill battle of becoming an expert on some of the most obscure things. Where do we turn? Google. Google will never let us down. We’ve Googled it all. Probably even you. 

Special shoutout to Google Calendar. Without it we’d be a f*cking mess. 

A Classic Notepad & Pen 

We’ve all been there. Those days where you have so many tasks piled up you have no option but to resort to mapping out your plan of action on paper. That satisfaction of crossing off your task one by one hits different. And yes, we’ve written it down after completing it…simply for the satisfaction of crossing it off.

A Little Something Sweet

What does a PR pro need to get through the day? Something to snack on. While we’re pitching and researching, it’s nice to have a little treat to look forward to, you know what we mean? Our go-tos include:

  • Popcorn
  • Cheez-its
  • Now and Laters
  • Dot’s Pretzels 
  • Laffy Taffys
  • Peanut M&Ms

Yes, we have good taste.

Muck Rack

It wouldn’t be a PR lifeline list if we didn’t include Muck Rack. It’s our most helpful tool, closest confidante, and overachiever-assist. Not only does it have an expansive database of journalists and media outlets, but it also comes with a blog that has countless tips, tricks, and cringeworthy journalist/PR horror stories.

Where do we pitch? Ask Muck Rack. What’s their email? Ask Muck Rack. Any more questions? Ask Muck Rack.


Okay, we would not be the networking people that we are if we did not include the best of the best social hubs for pros on the go. LinkedIn, you may be full of surface-level job updates, but you still amaze us every time. From the personal connections we are able to make for ourselves, to the updates from our favorite brands and organizations, we are constantly getting the professional content we need in our lives. 

Thank you, LinkedIn, keep on keeping on. 

Good Ole’ H2O 

Staying hydrated is a PR pro’s best friend and we are here to get everyone hip to the hydration kick. Not only do we keep the Hydroflask, Stanley (f*ck you TikTok trends), or YETI at the ready, we devoted a whole office challenge to compete for the title of most hydrated. There are levels to this sh*t. If you’re not already on the hydration kick, in the words of Kim Kardashian, “get up off of your a*s and work.” Jkjk we do not stan the Kardashians but we’d be remiss if we did not include a good meme moment. 

There you have it, it’s our PR toolbox full of our lifelines. If you’re looking for PR support, get a hold of us.

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