A Crisis is About Trust

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We can’t stress this enough: a crisis is about trust. We have had to pivot a lot in the past few weeks in how we bill, how we communicate, the hours we work, where we work, what we wear…you get the idea. The most important decision we made is to continue our commitment to our clients and our community. We are your source of no BS news and advice. We have been working hard to communicate the need for businesses to stay visible and to think outside the box. We are living our core values now more than ever.
Here is how we are putting them to work for you.

We know our shit

The digital landscape has changed drastically over the course of a flippin’ week. Google is cracking down on businesses trying to make a buck off of the pandemic and in turn, it’s making it harder for those who are running legitimate campaigns. Google also seems to be taking longer to “learn” campaigns before they’re launched, which means a longer turnaround time. They’ve cracked down on the use of COVID-19 and coronavirus in keywords, as they should. They also announced COVID-19 Ads credits for small to medium size businesses. These will automatically show up in active Google Ads accounts. We plan to use these in any and all campaigns we are running for our clients.

We are not assholes

Our team has been kicking ass and taking names. Our clients are stressed—often texting and calling us at all hours of the night—and we are 100% here for it. It is our job to help alleviate the revenue loss they may be experiencing. The first step is listening to them and processing any and all information we are given. You’re part of the 8THIRTYFOUR family, and we protect our family.

We work harder than the rest

Many of our clients are changing direction to fill pressing community needs and it is our job to communicate to the media, existing and potential clients, and the public. We are crafting statements, launching digital campaigns, updating websites, sending out emails and generating a mind-blowing amount of content. We have been working around the clock and we will continue to do so to ensure our clients don’t miss a single opportunity.

We put you first

Actions speak louder than words. We are pushing out content to educate you about tools and tactics to offset the significant impact COVID-19 is having on our community, clients and small businesses everywhere. We are spotlighting businesses and organizations that are stepping up in a big way. Check out our video on Disability Advocates of Kent County. 

We fix it

When something happens that wasn’t planned for, we address the problem, correct it, and learn from it. Let’s just say the pandemic fits this category. Google changes ad criteria, we fix it. Media wants stories on companies making a difference during these incredibly difficult times, we fix it. Companies scale back budgets but need to stay visible, we fix it.

Here is the deal: we’ve got you, and we aren’t going anywhere. 

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