Locking It Down

Alright, don’t panic. We are all in the same boat and help is coming. We won’t pretend to have a crystal ball, but common sense (funny when referring to politicians) would dictate a massive relief package is on the way.

Stay Relevant

If you hope to weather this storm and pick business right back up in three weeks, you can’t go radio silent. Whether your business is on hold or you are cutting back, the one thing you can’t do is disappear. Your customers and followers need to hear from you now and frequently. Just this past week, we were asked by a local township to livestream their meetings to ensure they can keep the general public informed. We realized there might be a significant need for this kind of assistance. If you’re forced to be virtual, do it well (we can help).

We are in the process of drafting statements for our clients to be distributed to the media. Whether the focus is on how the general public can support you during this time or letting the community know you are still open for business, it is important to communicate. We are working with an HR client on an article that addresses working from home and the challenges a business faces, while also providing tips and a policy to do so efficiently.


If you are a financial company, you need to be communicating with your clients about the extended tax deadlines and other important information being handed down on the state and federal levels. Keep in mind, Americans will be spending even more time on their phones and computers in these coming weeks. Content is where it’s at, so make sure yours doesn’t suck and stands out from the noise. If you’ve never heard the phrase “crisis communication,” you’re now hearing it an awful lot, especially during a lockdown or shelter-in-place. Businesses need to have a plan in place to combat loss of revenue, employees and customers. What plans do you have for bringing in revenue now and when the economy is back on track? No plan? Don’t worry…we’ve got you.

Crisis breeds creativity, and we’re getting creative. We’ll explain when you reach out. Good can come out of this. It’s our job to make sure that happens.

If you need help, reach us here: kim@834design.com

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