How to Tackle Stress Like a Pro

An employee sits with her head in her hands as she stares down at her laptop.

Truth be told, we are all stressed out. Like, a lot. Life isn’t going to get any slower and deadlines aren’t getting any further away.
One of the biggest triggers for poor mental health is stress in the workplace. At 8THIRTYFOUR, we believe that you should feel rejuvenated by your work and that it shouldn’t negatively impact your mental health.
With April being Stress Awareness Month and mental health being a very big focus at 8THIRTYFOUR, we are sharing our tips on how to reduce stress at work.

Step 1: Put Things in Perspective

Take a deep breath and know that stress is manageable. Work is stressful. Deadlines are stressful. That means that good mental health is important to get you through the day, and good mental health starts with getting your shit in order.
Humans are really good at blowing things out of proportion and getting worked up about all the ‘what ifs.’ What if I fail? What if my boss hates it? What if I get fired and lose my house and have to sell all of my belongings and can only afford to eat the dog food I bought for my seven dogs and I have to sell my shoes and…? (By the way, this is the absolute worst-case scenario for us).
Do not go down the rabbit hole of what ifs. When you find yourself thinking “what if,” identify that you’re spiraling, and force yourself to think about the here and now.
Don’t get worked up about what could be. Focus on what is.

Step 2: Make a List and Complete It, One Step at a Time

Make a list of tasks with your biggest, scariest to-dos at the top. Procrastination is not your friend. Do what you consider to be the “hard” or “time-consuming” tasks first and reward yourself with Chipotle (and invite us) when you’re done.
Put your head down, get through it, and take a break if you need to regroup.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Small Victories

When you get home or whenever you’re feeling stressed, make a list of everything you’ve done that day. And yeah, we do mean everything. Include getting out of bed, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, going to work, all of those little things you take for granted. Did you remember to have breakfast today? Write it down! Did you parallel park without hitting another car? We know people who can’t do this (we’re looking at you, Kayden). Stick it on the list.
Once you see all the things you get done in one day, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re winning.

Step 4: Know When You Need Help

We couldn’t write a stress blog without also mentioning that not everyone experiences stress for the same reasons or in the same way. If you find yourself constantly stressing out about small things or if you can’t stop worrying, it might be time to reach out to a professional for help. Find a therapist or counselor and tell them what you’re feeling.
Mental health is important. Make it a priority.

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