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Transparency, optimization, and collaboration. These three words not only define TOC Logistics, they are the basis for TOC’s success. We’ve been partners with TOC Logistics since 2014 and have watched their business grow over the years, we are proud to be a part of their success and accomplishments in the logistics industry.

History of Innovation

TOC Logistics was started by Gary Cardenas in 2011 because he saw what was missing in the industry. Gary recognized the opportunity to provide innovative logistic concepts and lean-focused added-value services to achieve his customer satisfaction and business profitability.
Since day one, TOC has adopted this basic philosophy as the foundation for achieving continuous improvement and growth.


When TOC and 8THIRTYFOUR came together several years ago, 8THIRTYFOUR created a strategic plan with measurable goals.
Then, we got to work by providing a new and optimized website, creating blog and social media content, and forging connections and building relationships with key media.
This past year, TOC’s goals included shifting brand perception to the global level, increasing brand awareness, and supporting lead generation efforts. 8THIRTYFOUR employed creative, digital, public relations, and social media efforts to achieve the goals through a uniquely integrated approach that leverages every tactic for maximum impact.

Crushing Goals

TOC and 8THIRTYFOUR have been blowing this year’s goals out of the water!
By increasing the use of Google Ads, quality form submissions are up and generating revenue for TOC. The website traffic has increased 29% organically year-over-year, and Twitter impressions are at a record high of 25,000.
Additionally, 8THIRTYFOUR has secured 15 pieces of earned media and established a relationship with industry reporting leader JOC.

What’s Next?

Stay on the lookout for articles featuring TOC Logistics in JOC and Supply Chain Dive and visit the TOC website to see media updates, new blogs, and services. Team 8THIRTYFOUR is looking forward to another year of growth and success with team TOC.
If your current marketing efforts aren’t hitting your goals, let’s connect on how our talented team can help.

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