How to Rock Your Holiday Messaging (and More)

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For many, the end of the year is marked with dates that bring together friends and family to celebrate religious observances and holidays.
This special time of the year is a great opportunity to connect with your clients and customers in unique ways, but as you send cards, order gifts, plan parties, and more, it is important to take a few minutes to ensure that your plans are thoughtful.
Here are our go-to tips to rock the holidays:

1. Check Your Messaging, and Check It Twice

What kind of integrated communications firm would we be if we didn’t encourage you to double check your holiday activities against your organization’s brand?
This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that anything you do that relates to the holidays aligns with your overall company.
If you aren’t a religious organization, you may want to design cards that say “Happy Holidays” and throw a “Winter Mixer”. Not everyone is on the political-correctness train, but as communications professionals, we always encourage our clients to be thoughtful and inclusive in messaging.

2. Be Kind to Your Team

The holidays are a great time to remember that not everyone has the perfect Norman Rockwell family waiting for them to come home and share a perfectly cooked turkey.
Studies show that depression increases around the holidays; the stress of activities, spending money, traveling, and potential family issues can be overwhelming.
Don’t brag about your perfect holiday plans if you are fortunate enough to have them, and don’t add to the stress of the holidays if you can; make holiday parties and gift exchanges optional.
And, this time of year is a great opportunity to use internal messaging and communications to highlight any benefits your company offers to support mental and financial health, along with national resources and hotlines.
No matter what your industry, your team is one of your most valuable assets; treat them well all year, and with extra sensitivity around the holidays.

3. Get Creative

Sure, those popcorn tins with three varieties in one magical container are a crowd-pleaser, but we know you are better than that.
If innovation is a part of your company’s core values, prove it!
Seek out interesting and special gifts to send to clients to cut through the standard mixed nuts and dry chocolates. Make sure to include an on-brand card with a personalized message.
If you are feeling overwhelmed reading any of the tips above, let’s connect! We would love to help you make the most of the holidays.

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