Are You Using LinkedIn Effectively?

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Recently, we talked about LinkedIn and what you should NOT be doing on the professional networking site.  While a ton of people use it (over 65 million business professionals from around the world, to be exact) it’s still pretty clear that not all users know exactly what to do when using LinkedIn, especially if they are using it to promote their business.
So, rather than just focusing on what you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn, we wanted to offer a few tips on how you can use the site to promote and grow your business.
Create a Company Page
First, just like on a Facebook, you can have a personal and company page. So, the first step to promoting your business on LinkedIn is to create a company page and invite connections to follow it. You can then link your company page from your personal page and let those interested in your background and work history learn more about what you are doing and your expertise.
Post Updates
From your company page, you can then share blog posts, industry updates, services, and other useful information that professionals need to know about your business. What are you working on? Who are you working with? Post about how can you help others achieve their goals in order to attract and engage potential customers.
One thing to remember on LinkedIn is that you are there to offer a service, solve problems and help customers. When posting updates, keep this in mind. Only about 20% of your updates should be self-serving.
Follow Influencers
You make connections with your personal page, but you can follow other businesses with your company page. Follow leaders in your industry to stay up to date on the latest trends. Follow your clients to show your support. Follow potential clients. When you follow another company, it’s likely they’ll follow you back, and the more your network grows, the more eyes you get on your business.
Join Groups
Groups are a great way to network — from your computer. This doesn’t mean that you can give up attending networking events, but it definitely helps keep you stay connected when your week is jam-packed. Participating in discussions within industry appropriate groups can help establish you and your company as an expert in your field. But, again, don’t talk about yourself all the time. Instead, answer questions and offer helpful advice.
Ask For (and Give!) Endorsements
One way to build your LinkedIn resume is to ask for recommendations from those you’ve done business with. People love hearing from people when it comes time to choose who they want to do business with. Testimonials show that you can deliver what you promise and make your customers happy. While you do have to ask for testimonials or recommendations on LinkedIn, it doesn’t have to be painful. Start by leaving one for someone else and then ask them to return the favor.
Have questions about using LinkedIn? Wondering if you’re business should be using it? Give us a call!

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