A Letter to my Younger Self – Emma Thibault

It is finally your favorite time of the month again! The time where current and future PR pros reflect on their careers and lives in a “letter to my younger self” format. Today we are featuring Emma Thibault, resident 834 PR Intern.

You’re living more than 300 miles away from your family, you’re unemployed and you’re forced to live with eccentric young adults. The first year of college is intimidating, but hear me out, because this is just the beginning of the most influential period of your life. 
You may have picked your public relations education because you wanted to be the next Lauren Conrad, but soon enough you’ll realize that PR is not the glitz and glamour you thought it was. Actually, public relations is the exact opposite of what was portrayed on “The Hills.” A more valid depiction of the PR industry includes working long days, communicating with multiple clients, pitching to the media, immense amounts of organization and writing tirelessly. Don’t let the cutthroat industry fool you, because you are, indeed, doing what you love. And remember to learn from Lo’s mistakes: ALWAYS GO TO PARIS.
You will get burned out; this is inevitable. There are only so many things you can do in 24 hours, and you won’t be able to do them all. Finding the balance between getting (semi) decent grades, having a social life, building your network and being employed will always be a challenge—and that is ok. You’re going to stumble but you will always get back up, and the earlier you find that balance, the better.
As you navigate the college landscape, things will get easier. You will be more comfortable with yourself and this strange new land called Ferris State University. In the meantime, here are some of tidbits I acquired throughout the years that I wish I knew sooner:
(P.S. Your mom probably gave you this advice years ago, but because you didn’t listen in the first place, you had to learn it for yourself. Here it goes!)
Never forget to do what’s best for Emma
You have always been a people pleaser, and that will never change. Always remember to do what’s best for you rather than doing what’s best for others. No one knows you better than yourself. You are your own best advocate, so keep this in mind with any decision that you make. 
Practice self-care
Always leave 15 minutes in your day for ‘you time.’ Eliminate all distractions and rely on your journal to alleviate any stress, worry, or anxiety that you may be feeling. You’ll be surprised at the impact 15 minutes can have on your mindset and level of happiness.
Don’t forget to slow down
No one is going to ask you if you are taking on too much; you have to be in charge of yourself. Your mind does not have to go 1,000 miles per hour at all times. Don’t forget to breathe and take time to ‘smell the roses.’
Be positive.
Falling into the warpath of other’s negativity is a constant struggle. How you think dictates how you feel, and how you feel dictates how you think. Altering your thought process to become more positive has an immense impact on your state of mind. Remember, things could always be worse. 
Find your girl tribe and don’t let them go
Your girl tribe is your go-to group of females who know you almost as much as you know yourself. These girls should motivate you to succeed, invest in your passions, and tell you the cold-hard truth no matter how harsh it may be. When you find your girl tribe, don’t let them go. Your girl tribe is like fine wine, they get better with age (and maintain your sanity).
Well, Emma, you are young and you still have a lot to learn. Take every opportunity that comes your way, always ask questions, and don’t be afraid to fail. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn, but beware of a plethora of dog posts.

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