Marketing Yourself & Your Business

I am looking forward to participating in a panel discussion through the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce titled “Marketing Yourself & Business”. The topic could not be more timely, as many small businesses are struggling to determine the value in marketing, or how to use certain PR & Advertising tools to increase sales. And boy are attendees in for a treat, as the panel of experts not only includes yours truly, but Cynthia Kay of CK&CO and Pete Brand of MINDSCAPE. Did I mention, that all of us are very fun? Oh and we are great presenters.

Those attending this informative & lively discussion on Thursday, February 24, 8-10 a.m. at Rapid Central Station, will walk away with knowledge surrounding messaging, branding, and growing your network.

The lovely Cynthia Kay will discuss “Being Your Brand” and how a strong brand can give any company a competitive advantage.

Pete Brand of MINDSCAPE will explain “Message” and how your personal brand shapes that messaging.
And finally, I shall emphasize the importance of “Building Your Network” to increase awareness of your brand that will ultimately assist you in  growing your business.

To register for this engaging informative event (I have to say that, I’m speaking) go to

I am looking forward to being on such a distinguished panel, and to present tools and strategies that will assist businesses in being successful.

See you on the 24th!

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