5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Viral TikTok Trends

A phone sits on a tripod as two teens perform a viral tiktok dance "5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from TikTok Viral Trends"

As marketers, we are always on the lookout for the latest (relevant) trends to jump on and leverage for ourselves or clients. With TikTok being one of the hottest social media platforms (until it gets outlawed), we’re looking at the viral trends on this app to see what valuable insights we can glean. Glean is such a great word, it really doesn’t get used enough.  

Back to TikTok, or as Kim likes to refer to it “the TikTok,” from viral dance challenges to clever lip-syncing videos, there is so much that we can take away from these trends and maybe, just maybe we can benefit from them. 

So, without further ado, here are five marketing lessons we can learn from TikTok trends.

Catchy music is everything

One of the key elements of a successful TikTok trend is the music. From Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” to Doja Cat’s “Say So”, these songs became viral sensations thanks to the “clever” choreography and lip-syncing videos that accompany them. 

The Takeaway: Music can be the driving force behind a successful marketing campaign. Incorporate memorable jingles (what a dumb word) or clever tune in your next advertising or promotional campaign to capture your audience’s attention.

It’s all about the visual appeal

TikTok is primarily a visual platform, which means the visual content accompanying a trend is just as important as the music. We’re talking colorful backdrops (not your bathroom) to costumes and makeup, the visual appeal is what often makes a trend go viral. 

The Takeaway: The visual aspect of your brand’s online presence must be taken seriously. Invest in high-quality photography, video content, and graphic design to make sure your identity is on point.

Authenticity is key

One of the reasons why users resonate with TikTok trends is that they represent authentic, real-life moments and experiences the average person can relate to. Whether it’s a workout routine, a cooking recipe or a DIY tutorial, TikTok trends often tap into the authenticity and relatability of everyday life. 

The Takeaway: Authenticity is a powerful tool in building connections with your audience.  Utilize user-generated content and real stories in marketing campaigns to truly connect with your customers.

Inclusivity and diversity are essential

One of the most refreshing things about TikTok trends is the diverse range of skin tones, body shapes, and backgrounds that we see in these videos. From plus-size dancers to people of different ethnicities and cultures, TikTok celebrates inclusivity and diversity in a powerful way. 

The Takeaway: Inclusivity and diversity need to be a central part of your company’s messaging and values. Showcase diversity in your campaigns, represent different groups of people and promote inclusivity in your messaging.

It’s all about the engagement

One of the most important takeaways from TikTok trends is the level of engagement they generate. From comments and likes to shares and follows, the viral nature of these trends is a massive source of engagement for users. 

The Takeaway: Engagement t is the key to building a loyal audience and driving successful online campaigns. Create interactive and engaging content, offer valuable rewards and incentives, and build a strong community around your brand.

From catchy music tracks to authentic storytelling and diverse representation, TikTok trends offer a wealth of insights for companies to learn from. Try incorporating one of these elements in your next marketing campaign and see what happens.

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