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We are overachievers, which is why we didn’t narrow this down to three. We see soooo many businesses ignore their Google Business Profile. Google is the world’s most-visited website. The site currently holds more than 92% of search engine market share. It is the first place people go to find out information on your business. What type of message are you sending if all of your info is outdated or just plain wrong?

Here are our more than three tips on improving your Google Business Profile. 

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

If you have a shop, store, restaurants or business where people can physically visit, you need a Google Business Profile. Stop being lazy, go set it up now.

Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), your Google Business Profile shows up on Google searches as well as Google Maps (sorry online shops). It’s your one-stop hub where customers can find info about your business, from hours, specials, discounts, to photos, reviews and more. 

Complete Your Profile

According to Google, potential customers are 2.7 times more likely to trust your company if you have a complete profile. Doing so will also make it easier for Google to pair your business with the right searches.

Google uses the information in your profile to determine your search ranking. This is based on relevance, distance, and prominence. The more information Google has to work with, the better your score.

Keep in mind the proper keywords when filling out your description. If you’re having trouble, visit Google Trends or Keyword Planner. Use discretion here—you don’t want to use all the keywords. Too many will cause your ranking to drop and thus less search results ending with your company. Find one or two keywords and gently weave them into your company’s description.

Update Everything All of the Time

Do not skip out on updating your profile. Don’t set it and forget it. That’s a mistake.

If you own a retail store, update your page with discounts and promotions. If you own a restaurant, update your menu and let customers know about upcoming events. The more you update your profile, the more Google will trust your company and elevate your Google ranking. Up to date photos and videos can also show customers that you have what they are looking for.

If your hours change for a holiday or event, reflect that in your profile. Not only will you improve your score, you’ll also prevent an unhappy customer from showing up to your place when you’re closed and then the bad reviews roll in.

Respond to Reviews (Good and Bad)

This one can be scary, but it is absolutely essential. Responding to reviews can elevate your business’ visibility as well as show customers that you openly engage with your clientele, which will build trust in your brand. According to a survey by Google, customers are 1.7 times more likely to trust a business that responds to reviews.

This can also be an opportunity to address customer concerns and invite them back to your business. If someone had a negative experience, be upfront and address their concerns. Maybe even invite them back with a gift card.

Get in the practice of asking customers to leave a review. Send them an email directly and include a link inviting them to highlight their experience. The more reviews you receive and respond to, the better your Google score will be.

A word of warning: Don’t use spam tactics or incentives for good reviews. Google is very good at identifying when a business is faking it. In fact, they will place a pop up on your GMB alerting customers to not trust your business.

IT’S OKAY TO GET NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Customers are more likely to trust a business with an average rating of 4.2 – 4.5 then a 5. No business is perfect. A perfect score will raise any customer’s suspicions.

Take Advantage of the Features

Google has built in some pretty awesome tools at your disposal. Updating your business with posts is a great way to alert customers of events, promotions, new products or social posts. This is also a great way to share blogs and keep your profile updated.

If it’s relevant, include your catalog or menu as well. Not only will this show in your Google Business Profile, but it will also show up in Google Shopping.

The key is updating regularly. We update our client’s profiles weekly with new content, specials, blogs…everything.

Remember, Google runs the world and you gotta play nice in their sandbox. If you need help, you know how to reach us.

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