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When it comes to clients and website design and development, we love working with fun people. That’s why we always enjoy meeting up with MediSurge. Although medical device manufacturing may sound strict (it is), the people behind the operation are some of the most entertaining clients we’ve worked with.

When they came to us for a new website, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Thus began our epic journey to redo a site we’d first created for them many, many years ago.


What were we hired to do?

Well, to put it simply, spice things up. To put it technically, we needed to overhaul the old site to make sure it was mobile-friendly, showed off a rehashed design, focused on the brand, and all that jazz. We wanted to make sure the new site performed well in organic search, was easy to update, and could support stand-alone landing pages for pay-per-click ad campaigns. When it came to all those features, the old site fell way short.

Since MediSurge develops, designs, and manufactures medical devices, the website needed to drive leads while still informing their target audiences about MediSurge’s work and experience. The project timeline spanned 6 months, with ongoing support after the initial website launch. After all, a site redesign doesn’t end at launch.


The MediSurge team wanted their new site to drive leads. After all, isn’t that what a digital presence is for? They also wanted it to look great, no matter which device they viewed it on. Since the old site had been made MANY years ago (don’t ask us how many. You’ll make us feel old), it had some issues with responsive design. 

MediSurge is, at the heart of it (get it?), a medical technology company. Their site needed to reflect that. After all, if it didn’t function well, why should prospects expect any better from their products?

What were our recommendations?

We had a whole bunch of recommendations for how to make their new site awesome. One of the first ones was to get rid of any outdated imagery. Since medical technology changes quickly, we needed to make sure the site was easy to edit and that the custom theme didn’t rely too heavily on any one specific image. Plus, whatever imagery or design elements we did include would need to look stellar on desktop, mobile and tablet. We also wanted the new site to be sleek and easy to navigate, so any medical professionals browsing it would know exactly where to go.

Once we got the design down, we focused on driving leads. Our team recommended adding in email-gated content (like downloadables), including really persuasive CTAs, and integrating a newsletter signup form into the footer of every page. That way, no matter where someone visited on the site, they could sign up to learn more about MediSurge’s brand.


This redesign was a tall order. To make sure we pulled it off awesomely, our project included these areas:

  • Website strategy development
  • Site map development
  • Wireframe development
  • Screen designs
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata creation
  • Content creation
  • Staging site creation
  • QA testing
  • Integrations (MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Pixel)
  • Site backups
  • Site launch
  • Continuing web support


After all that work, we were super happy with the results. The finished site was clean, easy to use on the back end, and updated for a modern audience. Plus, we could change out images, capture leads, provide downloadables, and a whole lot more. Check it out for yourself: 

Working with MediSurge is always a blast, and we love the end result. That’s because we love making great businesses shine.

Do you have a website or project that needs to be overhauled? Are you a fun person? Then contact us ASAP. We can’t wait to work with you.

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