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We’re all working towards great SEO and a high domain authority, aren’t we? There are so many ways to get there, but a lot of people only think of SEO as its own thing…like it has to go sit by itself in the corner instead of playing with the rest of the integrated communications bunch.

Okay…that metaphor got a little weird, just like us.. What we mean to say is that SEO has a bunch of friends, and one of its best ones, believe it or not, is PR.

Build Those Links

New buzzword alert! It’s time to get to know link building.

Chances are you’ve been doing this the entire time, but now there’s a fancy name for it. Link building has a bunch of complex components, but we’ll stick with the most basic. Are you sticking links to your site inside of news articles, blogs, features, research reports and white papers? Then bam. You’re doing this. And you’re boosting your SEO when you do.

What we mean is your SEO is directly linked with your Domain Authority (basically a digital ranking system to make sure you’re not sucking). The higher the Domain Authority, the more legit you are to the internet. The more legit you are, the more you show up in searches. The more you show up in searches, the more people click on your site. Makes complete sense, right

Boost that Authority

Now, how do you make this happen? Consider running a campaign behind a large earned media piece to promote yourself by using—let’s say Forbes (wink)—to bring those links back to your site and feature the credibility of a national publication. As publications pick up your story and link them back to your site (bonus points for .edu or .gov collaborations!), you will start to see your ranking increase.

Here’s our big warning, though: SEO isn’t a sprint. You aren’t going to see results from this sort of stuff immediately. Instead, it’s a marathon. Keep creating pitches that link to your site, sharing your links on social media, crossposting your articles, and more. Eventually, you’ll start to see an increase. Just don’t give up if it doesn’t happen overnight.

Oh, and if you find yourself running out of ideas? There’s nothing wrong with repurposing old content. Just make sure to link between the new and old versions if you do. It might take a few calls to the journalists in the publications you’re featured in, but it’ll be worth it. We promise.

Wanna chat more about nerdy stuff like this? Reach out! We’d love to chat digital, PR, and everything integrated.

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