Inspired by Michigan: Summer Color Palettes

A conglomeration of color palettes across an image.

We write this blog every season and you love it. Apparently, someone pinned an old, very old color palette blog, and it’s the little pin that could. 
Summer in Michigan is what songs are written about, just ask Kid Rock. We spend our time outside by fires, camping, hiking, boating and swimming. 
The 2020 summer seems even more poignant as we turn to the outdoors for comfort, relaxation and an escape.
We hope these color palettes remind you of all the joy summer brings.

Road Trippin’

A photo of a road extended into the mountains.
Summer inspires our love of adventure and travel. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how the pandemic has cut back on our ability to go places, but our great state has so much to offer and see. Whether it is the Porcupine Mountains, Picture Rocks or the many beaches surrounding the Great Lakes, there are endless possibilities.
The soft blues and neutrals of this color palette are inspired by the landscape all around us. These colors remind us to take a deep breath and be grateful for our ability to go for a drive with the windows down, music blaring and the breeze whipping through our hair. 

Paradise Dreaming

A photo of a fiery sunset against palm trees.

Beaching is where it is at, and it’s what amazing summers are made of. Bring on da heat! We might not be able to travel to faraway places right now, but we’re dreaming of the day when we can take in fiery sunsets like this while soaking in the deep blue ocean.

We’ll get you to Hawaii someday for your honeymoon, Chels. We promise.

Bold Doughnuts

Pastel has seriously made a comeback, and this summer it’s taken on a bold twist. We are loving bright, fun and vibrant colors for our favorite season.

This color palette reminds us of Key West and all the brightly painted cottages, restaurants and shops. 
Are you daring enough to integrate these colors into your home?  
What are your favorite summer colors? Is it the turquoise blue of Torch Lake? The greens of the Manistee National Forest? The earthy grays and browns of Tahquamenon Falls?We want to see what brings you happiness this summer. Tweet or Facebook your photos, and don’t forget to tag us!

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