Core Values: The Runner Ups

We have five core values we talk about pretty extensively, you can read about them here, here, here, here and here.
We wanted to share with you the runner-up core values, which are kind of equally as important but less formal. We put our heads together for this very serious task and came up with a bunch. Keep reading to check them all out.


If you spend any time around the office, you’ll hear this phrase a lot. In fact, it’s why we decided to write this blog. It’s the combination of “we know our shit” and “we work harder than the rest.” When we get a new project? We crush it.


We care a lot about our clients and each other. That’s why sometimes it’s nice to remind our team to take care of themselves, too. Every week, we have Self Care Wednesday, where we compete to see who can drink the most water. It’s a minor step, but it’s better than nothing.


Unless you’re alone, with Jen, or in the parking lot. Shit happens in this industry and sometimes you’ve just got to let it out. This value just reminds us all to put things in perspective. Is it the end of the world? No.


Always have sweets and wine easily accessible. If you stop by our office, you’re bound to see a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, some red wine, and more. Oh, and we always have coffee, too. Don’t forget that.


There’s a bunch that goes on in the world around us and in our industries. We make sure our team is always up to date on the latest news by hosting a weekly current events meeting. That’s where we share industry updates, pop culture, and more.


Enough said.


Birthdays are a big deal in our office. We decorate, eat sweets and gift something special to the birthday person. It might seem silly, but we get excited to show our teammates that we care.


No matter how much you prepare in this industry, there will always be something unexpected that pops up. We take it in stride and get it done without a problem. It’d be easy to let things trip us up, but we’ve never liked settling for easy.


When we’re in the office, we get shit done. When we’re at a team event, we have a bunch of fun. We work hard so when we get a chance to relax, we can kick back and make awesome memories. Our team cranks out more work in a day than a lot of similar teams do in a week. That’s why you can find us around town enjoying ourselves from time to time as a reward.


New team member? Need to brainstorm? What about a change of scenery? Whatever it is, happy hour can take care of it. We love getting out of the office every now and then and enjoying a good happy hour, all while coming up with new ideas as we do.


As long as we’re making progress, that’s what matters. Sometimes projects can get stuck in the weeds or caught up by the minutia of little details. We shrug that off and just keep moving forward. It’s how we can get so much done in such a short time.


We’re all in this industry for a reason. If it’s not to enjoy our jobs, then something’s wrong. We all know that each and every one of us contributes to the team as a whole. We can see the direct results of what we do, and that’s pretty damn rewarding.


We tell each other things. And then we tell them again. And then we tell each other one more time. It’s great to know way too much about what we’re doing than way too little. We overcommunicate all the time. We even have a song about it.

We depend on our core values and these runner ups to make sure that our culture rocks and our projects kick ass. Ready to work with a team as cool as ours? Reach out to us. Let’s get the ball rolling.

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