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It’s no secret that our team loves observing randomholidays”; it seems like there is something new to mark or celebrate every day!

In that spirit, December 7 is “National Letter Writing Day”. We particularly like to celebrate this day because it aligns with another one of our other favorite things: sending out handwritten notes, cards, and letters.

Did you know that research shows that people who both write, and receive, handwritten notes and letters get a boost of positive emotions?

As a part of marking his recent passing, many people shared the letter that the late President George Bush wrote to then incoming President Clinton, welcoming him to the Oval Office. This is just one of the countless hand-written communications that marked a meaningful moment in history. What an incredible way to capture the emotion and magnitude of that event.

Communication is so powerful, and taking time to write another person by hand is especially significant. We encourage you to pick up your favorite pen and reach out to someone with a handwritten letter; here are a few ideas of where to start:

  1. Holidays
    It has never been easier to hop online and order a card featuring your favorite photos and send them off to your friends and family. Some retailers will even mail them for you! But, these cards are a perfect opportunity to include a handwritten note expressing love, gratitude, thoughts, and more. Taking the time to personalize will make the card so much more special. Do it!
  2. Armed Forces
    There are several organizations that collect letters to send to those serving our country.Operation Gratitude, A Million Thanks, and Soldiers’ Angels are just a few of the great places that you can work with to brighten someone’s day who is far from home.
  3. Your Life Changer
    So many of us have a teacher, coach, mentor, or boss who greatly impacted our lives. We often don’t appreciate the significance of these people until years later.Take the time to reach out to someone who you attribute to making your life what it is with a handwritten note.

If you need a bit more inspiration and are in the Grand Rapids area, we would recommend stopping into a few of our favorite small businesses for a fun card to spark your written note. Rebel Reclaimed and The Paper Studio always have tons of great options.

There you have it! Will you join us in writing a letter today?

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