3 Tips for Surviving Busy Season

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One of 8THIRTYFOUR’s core values is “we work harder than the rest.” While we may be a bit bias, we’re almost certain that it is true. We don’t shy away from a challenge and our team comes into work every day ready to crush it.
While it would be more than ideal for all clients to give us a year’s notice on big projects, so that we could spend time planning a perfectly integrated campaign, we know that is not always realistic. We live in a world where tight deadlines are now the norm, and that means that teams need to adapt and be ready to work through (crazy) busy seasons.
Are you coming up against a big project on a tight deadline, or are you getting ready to have a few campaigns all launch at the same time? Check out our tips for surviving a busy season as a team:

Have clear expectations and defined roles

When several big projects are kicking off at once, or a crazy deadline is thrown your way, it is important to sit down with your whole team and clearly define who is responsible for what. When something is everyone’s responsibility, it’s no one’s responsibility.
Having debrief conversations where team members can come to clearly understand their role on a project, or raise any concerns they have about their scope of work, is crucial.
It is also essential to make it clear that people should ask questions whenever they are unsure of who is responsible for something, as assuming is a very dangerous game.

Schedule time for team check-ins

When hectic times hit, it is easy for everyone to keep their heads down (and ear buds in) and only focus on their responsibilities. In order to pull off a truly integrated campaign, it is vital to schedule times throughout the week for the entire team to come together and check in as a group. Without open communication, things can be missed.
Our best work is done when our whole team can come to the table and brainstorm around one idea together. When you get people thinking outside of their specialty area, that is when the amazing, out-of-the-box ideas come to life.
Team check-ins can also be used as a temperature check to make sure that everyone’s heads are above water and that people have the tools they need in order to be successful.

Remember to celebrate the wins and stay positive

Being up against an insane deadline undoubtedly causes a lot of stress, and that can be infectious in a small office environment. Remember to take the time to say “please” and “thank you” and try to spread positivity every day. Whether it is by offering to refill a coworker’s cup of coffee, or giving someone a well-deserved compliment on their work, do one thing each day to make someone else’s life a little bit happier, or easier.
If someone hits something out of the park and a client is thrilled, be sure to stop and take a quick second to celebrate the win. When people are extremely busy, it is easy to forget about the reason you are doing the work in the first place – to make clients happy.
During the last eleven years, the team at 8THIRTYFOUR has truly embodied the core value of “we work harder than the rest,” and a major part of that is our ability to work together as a team, no matter how stressed we may be. When busy seasons hit your team, keep our tips in mind in order to bring about a little calm.
Is your team feeling overwhelmed and needs extra assistance with marketing or communications efforts? We’d be happy to grab coffee (or a cocktail) and chat about how we can help you.

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