The Latest Facebook Changes & Why We’re Stoked

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In typical fashion, Facebook is shaking things up again! This time, your company’s Page may be getting a facelift.
Last week, Facebook announced a series of updates to Pages, Events, and Jobs. At this point, it appears that the companies who will benefit the most from these updates are going to be local, B2C businesses such as restaurants and hair salons. But, we’re keeping an eye out for applications in the larger B2B community as well.
We know, we know – it seems like this happens all the time: as soon as you start crushing your Facebook goals, the rules change.
But, here’s what’s going on, and why we’re stoked about these latest updates.

Changes to Facebook Pages  

  • Recommendations: You’ve probably seen your friends and family asking for recommendations in your newsfeed. Others reply with comments, tagging local businesses. Going forward, Facebook will encourage users to reach a minimum character count, expanding on their recommendation, and post photos along with it. This content will get pulled onto your page as a Recommendation.
  • Actions: Your users will now be able to take more action directly from your page, such as ordering a pizza or booking a haircut appointment without having to visit another site.
  • Stories: Your stories will now be available by tapping on your profile photo. Stories offer a great way to connect with customers, communicate new offerings, and build relationships. This update will give stories more visibility – while content can get lost in newsfeeds, Stories increase the ease for people to see posts from you.
  • Customized Business Information: You’ll have more control over other content featured on the top of your page too, such as hours, price range, menu items, upcoming events, or special offers.

What This Means for Facebook Engagement (& Why We’re Stoked)

It’s no secret that organic post engagement rates are lower than ever. Facebook’s algorithms have evolved in a way that prioritizes friends’ content over business pages, forcing companies to explore other ways of engaging and connecting with their audience. Paid advertising and boosted posts are the obvious answers, followed by Stories and other organic tactics.
We’re stoked because this appears to be a fantastic opportunity for Facebook to help improve things for businesses. These new Page features provide businesses with additional means of engaging with customers, without paying for it, and give more weight and attention to existing pieces like Stories.
It also means that the definition of engagement is evolving; your priority may no longer be driving traffic back to your website for people to take action, but allowing and encouraging them to take the action directly from your Facebook Page. This alleviates hurdles and creates a seamless experience for your audience.

Events & Jobs

Events and Jobs are getting updates too. Here’s the latest, taken from the Facebook Business blog:

  • Events: 700 million people use Facebook Events each month to find things to do. And local businesses around the world use Events to bring their customers and communities together. That’s why we’re making it easier to sell tickets for Events directly on Facebook with new ticketing integrations. And we’re helping businesses promote their Events though Event Ads.
  • Jobs: To help more local businesses hire people, we’re expanding Jobs to all people and businesses across the world in the next few months.

How Does This Apply to You?

Depending on the nature of your business, your page may be getting an automatic upgrade. Regardless, you should review this and make sure it makes sense for your team.
If you’re not sure where to start, our digital team is here to help! The ever-changing world of digital communications offers so much opportunity to support your goals – let’s talk.

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