The Best Stocking Stuffers for Marketing Professionals

A green background features a string of festive stockings and the words, "Amazon Prime, $10.99/month. Never running out of toiler paper again? Priceless."

Dear Santa,
I’ve been very good this year.
For Christmas, I’d like a pony, a Teddy Ruxpin and Legos.
Ok, so your Christmas list might look a little different than it did when you were a kid and you may or may not have been that good this year, who are we to judge? But, if you’re a marketing professional, there are probably a few things that would make your Christmas a little merrier if you found them in your stocking.
So, if you’re shopping for a marketing professional we’ve got a few ideas that will make them smile. Or, if you’re shopping for yourself (treat yourself!), try out a few of our must-haves!

The Gift of Nail Care:

If you’re typing all day, you’re staring at your nails all day. You have to admit, you feel a little bit better about yourself when you look down and see nails that are in tip-top shape rather than chipped or cracked. So, treat your favorite marketing professional to the gift of a manicure. And, it’s a relaxing hour that can help you unwind or regroup after a hard day.  
Don’t want to go for a full-on manicure? Try some colors that will add some flair or a kit they can use at home.

The Gift of Organization:

Having a creative mind often means being a bit unorganized. Marketing folks are busy, have their hands in a number of projects and often wear many hats. So, anything to help them keep those hats on track will be a much welcome gift.

  • A 2018 Planner
  • Post-It Notes
  • Organizational Items for a desk
  • Time-management software

The Gift Of Time:

The one thing every business professional needs more of? Time. While you can’t exactly give time as a gift (unless you have Hermione’s Time-Turner) you can offer subscriptions that will help them save time. Meijer’s Shipt program is the new way to shop. Just place your order and get your groceries in about an hour. Or, Amazon Prime offers the option to automatically order the things you frequently run out of.
Amazon Prime, $10.99/month. Never running out of toilet paper again? Priceless.

The Gift of a Good Read:

Whether they’re self-improvement, fiction, business, history, or spy, our fearless leader Kim Bode loves getting books. While she only reads off the New York Times Bestseller list (can you say book snob?) other readers may not be so picky. The New Year means new habits, new outlooks, and new goals so books that support self-improvement are a great idea. Books can also act as an escape and you can never go wrong with some fun fiction. Did you know you can get books on Zulily? In fact, you can get pretty much anything there.

The Gift of Good Health:

No one wants to be sick. But busy professionals often don’t let themselves take time off even when they are. So, as arctic temperatures approach and cold and flu season blasts into full-swing, give items that will keep your favorite professional healthy. Try spa items that promote relaxation, essential oils to boost immunity, treats or tea that help strengthen the immune system, or, just a big ol’ box of Emergen-C.

The Gift of Local:

Don’t forget to check out all the great shopping in Grand Rapids before making your final purchase. In fact, on Thursday, you can check out the Uptown Annual Holiday Shop.

Even More Gifts:

If you don’t think you’re up to giving time or organization as a gift, here are a few other fun ideas that marketing professionals (or probably anyone) would love to see under their tree.  

  • Candles
  • Yoga Classes
  • Gift Cards
  • Funny Mugs
  • Movie tickets

And, of course, it goes without saying that coffee, wine, or booze are always acceptable gifts and will be received with tidings of good cheer (and probably multiple “cheers!”).
If you have any of the above items laying around and were looking for just the right person to give them too, we always welcome visitors in our office! So, give us a call or stop by! Of course, you’re welcome even if you don’t have gifts.

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