Media Kit Run-Down

Media kits have been a traditional part of public relations for some time now, becoming the best way to deliver client information to the media regarding events, press conferences or exciting news that cannot be conveyed with a press release alone. Each media kit is composed of several components and can be tailored to each client and event.
Follow these quick and simple guidelines on what to include in your media kits and how to make your clients stand out from the rest: 

What Should A Media Kit Include?

Press Release

Give the media a piece of news they can write about. Grand opening? Growth in business? Great! Be sure to write a release and include it in your media kit.

Fact Sheet

Give the media the quick and dirty on your client. Who, what, where, when and why? What do they do? What services do they offer? How long have they been established?


Take your fact sheet a bit further and give additional information about the business or organization. Talk about the history of the organization and how they have grown their business since the time of establishment.


Lay out the questions you know the media will want to ask and answer them ahead of time. If your client is worried about any questions that may come up, have them provide an answer and include them here. This will eliminate the media’s need to ask those tough questions and may eliminate the need to coordinate an interview when all the information has been laid out ahead of time.

Bios and head shots

Give a little background information about the people involved in the organization and the news you are pitching. If you quote an individual in your press release, include their bio and head shot for the reporter so they can gather some background information and include their head shot in any earned media.


Sometimes the best stories are told with pictures. Include photos within the media kit to complete the story and eliminate the reporter’s need to ask for photos at a later date.

Something the media can have and hold

Include a small gift or trinket with your media kit. Whether it’s a flash drive, water bottle or key chain, the media will love getting a small gift and will often times stand out among the pile of other media kits. 


Let’s be honest, sometimes PR professionals need to spoon-feed the media, and we’re okay doing that. Deliver your media kits by hand to each media outlet. Give them something they can physically hold and place on their desk rather than shooting off an email they can easily pass by. You want to do anything you can to help the media remember you while also saving them time.

Step Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box (or standard pocket folder). If you have a tailgating fundraiser for a client on the horizon, package your media kit to fit that theme. Pack a cooler with your media kit elements in different shapes and sizes to represent items you would typically see at a tailgate. If you have a restaurant as a client include a spice, olive oil, or something that can be packaged to deliver with your media kit.
Keep it creative and keep it informative. Include all the necessary components you think the media would want to see and ask questions about and think outside the box to make sure your media kit is impossible for the media to pass by.

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