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WGVUWelcome to the 4th Friday in January and another edition of Your Biz Your Town on WGVU’s Morning Show with Shelley Irwin.
This morning’s edition of #YourBizYourTown pulled together rockstars from Ele’s Place Grand Rapids, OnSite Wellness and the West Michigan Tourist Association.
If you missed the show, a brief recap is below. Be sure to set a reminder each month to tune in on the 4th Friday at 9:00 a.m. on 88.5 FM.
Ele’s Place Grand Rapids:
Ele’s Place is a nonprofit, community based organization dedicated to creating awareness of and support for grieving children and their families. Through peer support group programs, Ele’s Place helps children to cope with the death of a parent, sibling or other loved one.
Before coming to Ele’s Place, many grieving children feel alone and keep their feelings inside, not wanting to burden their parents or other family members. Often, friends don’t seem to understand if they haven’t had a similar experience. But each week at Ele’s Place, hundreds of grieving children find a warm and welcoming place to meet new friends who really understand how they feel, and begin to heal after the death of a loved one.
Find out more on their Facebook page. 
West Michigan Tourist Association:
West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA) has marketed West Michigan and its member destinations to millions of pleasure and business travelers since 1917. With a current membership of nearly 700 tourism operators, WMTA promotes the best in the region from Northwest Indiana to the Straits of Mackinac the entire west half of the Lower Peninsula plus.
Collectively, West Michigan is more diverse than Disney. It’s bigger. It’s better because it’s the real McCoy. With our living sand dunes, we’re the spirit of the desert but with hundreds of square miles of fresh water at the end of the trail. With our vast forests, we’re a wilderness offering unparalleled fishing and hunting and thousands of miles of hiking, biking, equestrian, snowshoeing, Nordic and snowmobile trails wide open for adventure.
OnSite Wellness
OnSite Wellness offers customizable quality programs and services that support employer business strategies and employee health and wellbeing.
The advantages to offering on-site programming:

  • Employees spend most of their time at work
  • Convenient to attend programs
  • Easy to pick up information
  • Higher participation levels
  • Relationships are developed with instructors and wellness professionals
  • Creates a healthy work environment
  • Employees feel that the company cares about them

Support these and other great organizations in you the GRMI community.

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