7 Ways to Find Inspiration

Here I sit, the night before a blog needs to publish in the a.m. and I am drawing a blank. After countless Google searches and reviewing of past blogs, I was struck by brilliance. Well, not really brilliance, just mediocrity (but I’ll take it).
Why not write about finding inspiration for blog writing? I mean, if I am struggling, then other people have to be, right?
So here are my tips for finding inspiration for writing a blog, when all you really want to do is enjoy a glass of wine:

  1. FAQs. What questions do clients ask you on a regular basis? Turn it into a blog! Here is an example: people will often inquire about integrated communications. What does it mean? Why would a company need it? What will the results be?
  2. Services. You don’t have to look too far for topics,  nor do you have to overthink it (like I did/am/will continue to do). Look at your line of services or products and do a deep dive. Talk about features of your product or how your service differs from a competitor.
  3. Case study. Show your readers a success story. Structure it with an overview, need, delivery and then results.
  4. Project overview. This differs from a case study, as you are looking at the project from your company’s point of view, not a client’s. What did you do internally to accomplish the results your client was looking for? This gives your readers a glimpse into your world, office and culture.
  5. Profile. Look around the office, room, community or your client list. Who is someone in the community you respect or a groundbreaker in your industry? Profile them in your blog. Hell, if you are really good, you’ll get them to write it themselves! Win. Win. Bring on the wine.
  6. Event. Was there a recent community event you went to? Fundraiser? Profile the organization that held the event or talk about your experience at the event.
  7. Process. Any business has internal processes for getting shit done. We have processes mapped out for every service we deliver. Tell your reader why that process is in place and why it works for you.

And that folks, is a blog I pulled out of my ass. Not too bad. In all seriousness, these are a lot of great suggestions and perhaps next time I am sitting here scratching my head, I will follow my own advice.

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