The West Side is the Best Side

Your Biz Your TownIt is no secret that 834 Design & Marketing resides on the west side of Grand Rapids and that we think it is the cat’s meow.
This June’s #YourBizYourTown is dedicated to the west side of GR (with some Holland representation), which we think is the best side.
Our guests today came representing hair, clothing and ice cream, oh and boats. Seriously, if you are not tuning in…you are missing out. Every 4th Friday at 9:00 a.m. on 88.5 FM.
DENYM, features the latest in men’s and women’s clothing. With the best designer jeans, chic tops and fitted shirts, and trend setting accessories, DENYM gives you exclusive access to contemporary style and sophistication.
They combine premium denim brands, a collection of other everyday essentials, and the ultimate personal shopping experience…all built around your everyday lifestyle.
Oh, and you can throw a party. Grab 20 (or less – I guess it depends on how many friends you have) of your closest friends and get ready to enjoy discounts, wine, shopping and refreshments.
Head of the Pride:
Head of the Pride is a Boutique Salon and Modern Men’s Barbering focused on providing an excellent client experience with each interaction. Owner, Sarah Dilley-Couture makes it her mission to deliver a top-notch experience for all clients – both men and women.
Check them out at 444 Bridge Street NW. They also happen to be on every social network you can think of – and you know we like that.
Holland Museum: The Cappon House Ice Cream Social & Big Red
The Holland Museum will be hosting its annual Cappon House Ice Cream Social on Sunday, June 29, 2014 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at no cost to visitors. The event allows guests to experience the Cappon House for free while enjoying games and ice cream. All games and activities will be Victorian themed to highlight the era in which the house was built and occupied.
The Holland Princess & Big Red Tour
Take a summer cruise with the Holland Museum and enjoy a special presentation by Travis Williams, from the Outdoor Discovery Center, speaking on “A Community and its Lake,” followed by a private tour of the Big Red Lighthouse, dinner and live music at Piper Restaurant and a sunset cruise on the return. $125 per ticket, capacity limited to 120.
I’m on a boat! Well, you can be on a boat and tour a lighthouse. Now that sounds like a good time.
Great guests, great show. Tune in next month on July 25 at 9:00 a.m as we talk #YourBizYourTown. Oh, and share the love on social media using our hashtag #YourBizYourTown.

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