Did Someone Say Cupcakes?

If you have ever had any interaction with 834, you know that there are 2 items we never turn down – wine and cupcakes. Both of these items make an appearance at every 834 happy hour, gathering or weekday.

So…we were pretty excited that one of our guests for Your Biz, Your Town happened to be in the cupcake business and were nice enough to bring samples for Shelley Irwin and the rest of our guests.

Oh right..there were other guests and they are just as important, just not as delicious.

Did you know that the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan has been putting on the Hispanic Festival in downtown Grand Rapids for 35 years. It is an amazing cultural event open to the entire community…for FREE. This year the festival will take place on September 7th at Calder Plaza with music, food and lots of family fun. For more information go to their Facebook page.

We are big fans of Guiding Light Mission, so much so we wrote a Cause We Love on them. They are not your traditional mission, their goal is to give those that come to them the tools and resources they need to be successful. The men in their care are trained to re-enter the workforce and to get back on their feet.  Check out their programs here: http://www.lifeonthestreet.org/take-a-moment/programs. Oh and support this amazing organization here: http://www.lifeonthestreet.org/content/take-action

Now, back to the cupcakes. We first sat down with Luxurious Sweets close to a month ago. Right away we were blown away by their innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to cupcakes (they do make other baked goods…we just care about the cupcakes). I mean they have over 87 flavors of cupcakes, 87. They range from bacon, maple sugar to classics like; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other boring types. I don’t know about you…but I want the bacon cupcake, isn’t everything better with bacon? Probably the best part of all of this, is that the Luxurious Sweets ladies were trained at a culinary school in Florida but decided to bring their skills to Grand Rapids. Within the next few months, they will be moving into a new location next to Yesterdog – yep, you can get a hotdog and then a cupcake…your life is then complete. In the meantime, contact them and put in an order…trust me. You can like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things cupcake.

As always, thanks for listening. We love our time with Shelley Irwin and we hope that we amuse or entertain a few of you during Your Biz, Your Town.

Until next time.

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