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Anyone remember what the inside of their office looks like? Believe it or not, we will all be together again soon, and business will slowly start to return to normal…well, our new normal, anyways. It’s been a hell of a ride the last few months. If you’re a business owner, your days have been filled with putting out fires, crisis planning, financial crap and developing a plan to reopen safely. 

A big part of communicating that you’re “open for business” is through social media. The amount of time individuals spend on it now has doubled due to the quarantine. The sooner you communicate with your customers, the better position you’ll be in.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve created an “Open for Business” downloadable social image packet. Inside, you’ll find imagery for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, along with our recommended times for posting.
Here are our recommendations for communicating with your customers.

  1. Make it timely. At this current moment in time, we are set to open by the 28th, which means you need to be communicating with your clients days in advance of this.
  2. Be honest and transparent. This is new for all of us, and it is ok to admit you will be adapting your approach as you move forward. Give your customers an avenue to ask questions, whether that is through social media, phone or email. They need to feel heard.
  3. Be specific. Regardless of your business, everyone wants to know what steps you are taking to open safely. Things you need to address include: 
    1. Timeline of your opening
    2. How will you conduct business moving forward? What safety precautions will you take? Are you following state guidelines?
    3. What will be expected of customers? Will they need to wear a mask? Call ahead?
  4. Do it often. You need to communicate often with your clients and use multiple avenues—social media, email marketing, website, blog, video, advertising…the list goes on.
  5. Be positive. We already know we’re all in the same boat, and it is weird as hell. The right attitude makes all the difference. Again, we’re all in uncharted waters. Use humor where you can and find the silver lining. Can we also just take a moment to appreciate all the analogies related to water in those last few sentences?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, reach out to In the meantime, download our Open for Business images and start spreading the news you’re open.


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