Kim is Not an Influencer (Influencer Marketing 101)

In our latest Happy Hour Hustle, Kim and Emily discuss all the things you didn’t know you needed to know about influencers.
The term “influencer” is pretty self-explanatory; this is someone who “influences” other people to do something, like get out their credit card and make a purchase. Influencers have found their way into the lucrative business of advertising and are slowly taking over the world (or at least Instagram).
According to Social Media Today, a whopping 99 percent of influencers are found on Instagram, with the next highest being 70 percent on Facebook.
If you follow any celebs on Instagram (we know you do), then you have likely seen them occasionally post to promote a new credit card, baby product, toothpaste, fitness item and so on; this is indicated by the #ad or #sponsored at the end of the promotion.
Love ’em or hate ’em, influencers are not going anywhere. We have seen a significant increase in influencer marketing in the last year and there is no indication this will end in 2019.
When working with influencers, there is lots to know. We cover it all in our podcast.

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