There's More To Thanksgiving Than Turkey and Stuffing

There’s more to Thanksgiving than going overboard on stuffing, being asked awkward questions around the dinner table, and consuming too much wine. (Hey, it happens.)
While Thanksgiving Day calls for family, traditions, and thankfulness, the days following Thanksgiving call for shopping and giving.
Black Friday
Since 1952 Black Friday been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season as stores attract consumers by offering massive discounts and limited time offers.
Even if you’re not B2C, Black Friday is also a good time to draw attention to your business. Get your business in the public eye by tweeting trending topics and inevitable hashtags (i.e. #BlackFriday, #BlackFriday2017).
Simply talk about the day, offer contests or competitions centered around the day that encourage people to check out your website or social media channels. Get your business out there and be creative.
Small Business Saturday
The day after Black Friday is considered Small Business Saturday. And, as a small business ourselves, we plan on celebrating by getting out in the community and supporting local small businesses.  
If you buy local products, share them on social. If you are a small business, toot your own horn. Post images to your social of the various businesses you visit throughout the day. Get personal and start a conversation.
Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday, known as the online version of Black Friday, let’s you avoid the crowds by shopping in your PJs or at work… Need we say more?
Cyber Monday might be the best day for you, as a business, to take advantage of deals and discounts. Printing services, office supply stores, software subscription providers, they all offer deep discounts on Cyber Monday. So, think about the services you’re going to need in the New Year, jump online, and get the best deal possible.
Giving Tuesday
After 3 days of intense shopping and overstimulation, Giving Tuesday offers a chance to step back, take a breath, and give back. And you can make a local impact.
Grand Rapids offers #GRgives on Giving Tuesday. #GRGives is a city-wide campaign to raise funds, find volunteers and build awareness for local nonprofits. #GRgives helps nonprofits band together — promoting one resource for all to share their donation and volunteer opportunities, and one place for our community members to find all the ways they can give.
Participate in this year’s Giving Tuesday by donating to one of the 3,000 nonprofit organizations and charities in Grand Rapids.
Even if you’re not in retail, the holiday season still offers a ton of opportunities to interact with your audience, get noticed, and give back to your community.

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