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Text over the 8THIRTYFOUR Logo reads, "Creating Your Taglines: it's about you."

Just do it.
Got milk?
I’m Lovin It.
As you read those taglines, I bet certain brand names popped into your head. I didn’t say their names, but the moment you saw those taglines, you pictured the company they represent. Nike. Milk. McDonald’s.
When done right, a tagline can make your company a household name, a pop culture staple, or even part of everyday conversation.

A Tagline Should…

A tagline is a phrase or slogan that represents your brand. They can be inspirational, funny, quirky, or serious, as long as they communicate what your company is all about. An awesome tagline or slogan will do the following:

Elicit Emotion

Consumers remember messages that make them feel something. A commercial that made them cry, a radio spot that made them laugh or a theme song that represented their favorite show growing up. Think, “A diamond is forever.” This is romantic and symbolic of a lifetime of happiness. You want to be with that person giving you that diamond, forever. It makes you smile.
You probably know without looking which cereal is, “The Breakfast of Champions.” This phrase makes consumers feel empowered, ready to take on the day and, of course, like a champion if they eat their Wheaties.

Reinforce Your Message

Our tagline is, “It’s all about you.”
This communicates a very specific message that we communicate through all of our branding and copy. The services we provide are meant to help you, our clients, succeed. We want you to shine and for you to stand above the competition. We blend into the background because it is “all about you.” Our tagline backs up our goals and messaging, and communicates our brand promise to our audience.

Shows Personality

While your business name needs to be professional and appear across all channels, (communications, press announcements, etc…) your slogan can be more playful and paint a picture of your brand personality. It’s also a little more versatile and can change down the road as your company grows and matures (as opposed to your company name, which is a little harder to change and should remain consistent).
So, how you do create a slogan that does all these things? Here are a few tips.

Tips For Taglines


Make Them Feel Something

As we mentioned, taglines need to elicit emotion. They make people feel something. When considering a tagline, think about how you want your audience to feel. Nike obviously wants their audience pumped and ready to spring into action. L’oreal Paris tells their audience, “Because you’re worth it,” because they want women to feel validated and that they deserve their beauty products. We want our clients to feel comforted, at ease and like they matter because they do. All these slogans reflect the way the company wants their audience to feel.

Be Yourself

Don’t choose a slogan that doesn’t match your unique personality, your brand, or your culture. If you pride yourself on being playful, let that shine through. If you find yourself saying something to clients all the time, that might be your slogan. Be you, because you rock.

Consider the Design

Good design matters to your brand. How will this slogan fit in with designs on your website and social media? Will it fit into future social posts, images, releases, etc.? This might affect the length, punctuation, and even the way some words look. Write it, type it, and draw it a few times before you make a final decision.
While you may never achieve, “Just Do It” levels, your slogan can be just as great as your business.
What’s your slogan? Throw it in the comments!

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