Meet Grace, 834's Newest Team Member!

We are excited to introduce 834’s newest employee, Grace Johnson-Connor! Grace is stepping in as a project manager at 834, and will be working with a number of our awesome clients. Get to know Grace, how she’s handling her first week and the most embarrassing song on her iPhone.
Welcome to 834! What have you enjoyed the most so far?
Meeting and getting to know the team has been great. I am really excited to learn from you all.
How much did we scare you on your first week?
Lots of calendar updates and changes, I got a little dizzy. Oh and the hour-long Gchats were new. Not scary, just new.
How is your work here different from your previous experience?
The culture sets 834 apart. Everyone here is truly invested in the company. That dedication shows in the work 834 does for its clients. Everyone is so supportive and helpful, really the best on-boarding I have experienced.
Speaking of previous experience, where else have you worked?
Most recently, I worked at a non-profit called Neighborhood Ventures as an Economic Development Specialist. Before that, I worked at Eenhoorn, LLC as Senior Manager of Operations. The jobs were very different in nature but had a strong theme of project management and marketing between them.
What is a professional or personal goal you’ve reached that you are really proud of?
I was pretty proud of some of my professional achievements working with Neighborhood Ventures. I loved the community connections I built while I was there. I also collaborated and ran lead on several large, city-wide events. Personally, my husband and daughter and dog are the best things to happen to me. I also feel pretty good that I realized that a job isn’t just about doing work, but you can actually find a job that gives back to you as much as you give it. It takes a long time to figure out how you want to live your life and take ownership in how you do it.
You spend a lot of hours outside of the 834 office, too. What do you do during that time?
Well I wouldn’t say I spend a lot of hours outside of the office (this week), but when not in the office I am hanging out with my kiddo, dog and husband. We like to travel and head outdoors.
What’s your favorite food?
So tough, I love to eat. I generally love anything Mexican and especially anything with avocado.
Would you rather be invisible whenever you wanted or be able to fly?
I have thought about this a lot. Fly. Definitely fly.
Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston?
I don’t know who those guys are, so Ryan Reynolds or JT. But If I had to pick it would be Tom Hiddleston, I love the accent.
What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPhone?
I just found Juvenile’s top hit “Rodeo” and laughed pretty loud, because that is pretty freaking embarrassing. Like super embarrassing. I should delete that. Oh wow, I also found Justin Bieber’s “Believe” the acoustic version, so there’s that. Can I put a disclaimer on here that I also have good music? I scrolled over The Beatles to get to the Biebs.
Do you want these questions to be done yet?
Yes, this is painful, let’s talk about anything else, please.

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