The Social Media PR Pitch and You

A streamlined process is extremely important when it comes to getting public relations right. Today, that means using social media to reach-out and engage the people you need to be talking to for your client in order to maximize reach. At 834 we recognize this and have a full social media PR pitch process that we update and edit often.

Social media has changed the public relations and media landscape — and how coverage is earned.
This isn’t new news. However, it still amazes me when clients call me up and say, “We want to be on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine.” Or, “Get us in front of Kathie Lee and Hoda.”
Let me break this down for you a bit: To be effective in public relations, you have to build relationships with reporters, bloggers and influencers — and that takes time. Just in the past week I participated in three Twitter chats, spent hours researching influencers, set up lists through Twitter to monitor these bloggers/reporters/social media influencers, engaged through retweets, direct messages and blogged, blogged and blogged.

Click here to read the rest of the article that published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal on April 30, 2016!

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