Your Biz Your Town – Beer, Wine, Data and Young People

A few of our favorite things are beer, wine and networking. This month’s Your Biz Your Town encompassed all of this in a short 15 minutes…and no were weren’t drinking during the segment (not for lack of trying).
Hudsonville Winery, Pike 51 Brewing, GRYP and BizStream joined us in studio on this chilly but beautiful 4th Friday in February. Let’s just say the timing was on point with the Winter Beer Festival starting today out at Fifth Third Ballpark. Do you have your tickets?
If  you can’t get your hands on tickets, no worries. Pike 51 has you covered – they will have all the beers they are featuring ready for you to sample at their brewery. So…if you enjoy warmth when you drink – you are in luck! To find out more visit their website, the beer is going to go fast due to limited quantity. While your there, try out the sangria – you can thank us later.
Local business, BizStream will also be at the Winter Beer Fest…well as participants – somebody has to sample the beer. Did you know that BizStream is a company full of self-proclaimed geeks? The company provides custom web design and development – think BIG, like really BIG sites and builds custom software. They also share their knowledge through their BizStream Academy which teaches the ins and outs of development…you know if you are into that sort of thing.
Our friends at GRYP are also big fans of beer, well hosting events that allow members to consume beer or wine or liquor or water (though the latter is kind of lame). Growing your professional network is key to growing your career and GRYP is dedicated to connecting young professionals through events. They have a whole host of events coming up, March 1st is Trivia Night at Rez Lounge. Be there.
Now, go out and drink some beer. Maybe we’ll see you at Beer Fest.

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