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By being a small business, I automatically am a supporter of small businesses. Serving small businesses is one of the biggest reasons 834 was founded. There is no reason a small business should not receive the same great service as every other company.

With Shelley’s support, I decided to have guests on that would be chock full of tips for businesses, whether you are just starting out or wanting to increase your businesses efficiency.

I have known Chris Mitchell, of Dickinson Wright for a long time, since my days at the West Michigan Science & Technology Initiative and he is a great lawyer that is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of patent, trademark and copyright procurement and litigation. I am excited to be able to pick his brain today about setting up the proper legal foundation for your business.

When you are starting your business having to think about filing, trademarks and other legal ‘things’ can be overwhelming. Chris will give listeners some tips and ideas on how to make this part of your business less painful.

I am also excited to have Pranay Rajgarhia, founder of Solid Design Simple Solution, a business process improvement company that assists organizations in improving their processes to achieve maximum efficiency and save money.

Pranay wrote a great white paper on why businesses are not more efficient, download it here.

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