What Wine Pairs Best With The 8THIRTYFOUR Team

Amy Schumer drinks large glass of white wine

It’s National Wine Day and hell, we deserve to celebrate. We’re taking a hard right turn from our normal PR and digital expertise (don’t worry, we will be back with that) to give you a real look at the team. Below you will find what type of wine varietal pairs perfectly with the 8THIRTYFOUR team. You’re welcome in advance.

Emma – Moscato 

She’s a sweet, fizzy number that pairs perfectly with lighthearted chit chat, pop culture, booktok and maybe some Starbursts. She doesn’t need to be high on alcohol to have a good time, just something social to sip on. 

Spoiler alert: Drink with water, you can still get a hangover from Moscato. Seems sweet and refreshing but after a Gen Z debrief on TikTok trends, you will feel like you just jumped off a hamster wheel. 

Lauren – Malbec

Sophistication! Even a young vintage Malbec tastes expensive. Lauren is wise beyond her years and can pull on the heartstrings with her writing. She could tell you she’s been to Argentina and you’d believe her, even if she’s stretching the truth. When she shows up in a beret, don’t question things, she’s a European Malbec that day. 

Also the same spoiler alert as Emma: Drink with Water. Malbec is smooth and easy to drink when you’re in the right ambience but you will get a headache when she tries to show you how to see your Instagram story questions. 

Kim – Red Blend (WITH ICE)

Kim is the epitome of a blended red wine. She’s got expertise from years as a PR pro while spending her ‘down-time’ learning geotargeting digital ads and how to make IG reels (this one she’s still learning). She’s “bold” in a good way with the right amount of ✨ spice ✨. She also knows what she likes, so if the wine doesn’t come with a large glass of ice, we don’t want it. 

Derek – Pinot Noir

Approachable, not offensive, smooth and pairs well with just about everything. Derek is up for any challenge with a surprisingly good attitude. If he doesn’t know it, he’s learning how to be an expert. If he does know it, he acts like he doesn’t and sends us a primetime commercial quality video and calls it a rough cut. We all know this type. 

Rowan – Champagne 

And DO NOT try to call them Champagne if they aren’t from the Champagne wine region of France under the rules of appellation. OKAY. Then it’s just sparkling grape juice and we’re not here for it. Ro is the keeper of all knowledge, it’s actually shocking how well they would do on Jeopardy if it was for extremely specific topics. 

They keep all of us on our toes and we learn something new everyday from them. And they are bubbly – if bubbly means saying “I’m Sorry” for things they should not be sorry for. 

Julia – Cabernet Sauvignon 

A classssssic, ya know? Don’t say her name wrong. It’s (sow·vuhn·yown), not Julie or Jewel. She can read the room like the best of them, knowing when boxed wine is appropriate and even when to drink it straight out of the bag. She also can deliver great PR insights like a 2014 vintage of Heitz Cellar with tableside wine service. It’s called versatility, friends. 

Meg – Pinot Grigio

A crisp white, light-bodied wine at every wedding’s open bar is a lot like Meg. She’s usually trying to make the group happy but cracking a joke at any silent part of the conversation. She’s approachable and pairs well with most situations but some people just don’t like white wine, and that sounds like a “them problem.” Pinot Grigio also translates to “Gray Pine Cone.” which means nothing really but sounds like something Meg would say in one of those silent moments. 

Tyler – Chardonnay

Or Chardon-yay, amirite? No? Ok. Anyway, Tyler is somebody you want in every wine collection. He’s a good balance of buttery (compliment giving) and crisp (takes feedback well as we’re sure is not the favorite part of his job) and everyone likes a Chard. Versatile, good in every season, surprises you when paired with something unexpected. 

Amy – Rosé

Her natural peacekeeper demeanor might seem like she’s the blend of both red and white BUT NO. She’s the product of maceration — made from red wine grapes but without the skin. She’s adaptable in any situation, can be paired with damn near anything and will sit with you on the porch and chat if that’s what you need. 

If this isn’t the blog you didn’t know you needed, we don’t know what is. So if you want to chat and sit down with a bottle (or box) of wine and change your business, reach out to us.

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