Just Say Yes to These Social Media Rules

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We have a lot of fun with our client’s social media. We get to educate, inform, entertain and engage with their target audience based on the types of content we create and post.

We stick by the following hard and fast rules to ensure things don’t get stale and avoid boring our followers.

Be Consistent

One of the first places a person will check out when they are investigating a company is the social media presence. If you haven’t posted on Facebook or tweeted since 2017, it doesn’t look good for your company. It gives the impression you don’t value digital or keeping open communication with your customers. 

Post consistently. That could be two times a week or two times a day. It is going to vary based on follower numbers, engagement and reach. Always go back to the data.

The important thing is you are consistent and not going weeks or months between posts.

Good Content

No one wants to be in a room with someone who only talks about themselves and refuses to listen or interact with anyone else. Your content needs to be a mix of company info, industry news, community happenings and people. Showcase graphics, video, gifs, memes, live shots and more. 

If you need ideas, just take a look at the 8THIRTYFOUR Instagram. We love dogs, teamwork, clients and our community (and iced red wine).

Also, do not share the same message across all of your channels. It is lazy and essentially communicates you couldn’t be bothered to tailor your content.


Do not leave a question or comment unanswered. Social media is a two-way communication channel. If you are just pushing out content and not interacting with your followers, just buy a billboard on a busy highway and be done with it.

Social media will continue to be a valuable communication tool for brands putting in the time and effort.

Always, always rely on the data. Your data will determine post frequency, type of content and show you what is and isn’t working.
Get a hold of us. We’re more than willing to be your social media guru.

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